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    How to start out



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    How to start out

    Post  Higashi_Reborn on Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:45 am

    I see we have alot of guest on this forum and I guess some of them might be people that dont play Bleach-RPG so I was gonna make this thread to maybe make you wanna play and enjoy the experiance of Bleach.


    Here is the game:

    When you come there you have a choice what you wanna play as, Shinigami and Hollow.
    Click the one you wanna play and registrate to play.

    Now that you have decided what you wanna play you should take a look at these Guides on 2 diffrent way to play the game.

    This is to help new players learn how to play and dont end up quitting like alot of new players do.

    We want to make out community grow and keep growing.

    This is the Guide for Levelholding at either level 9 or level 19.

    This is a fast way of playing but you need to have patient and work for your goal.

    This is the Guide for Puretraining.

    This is a slower way of playing but less stress and you get to be strong for your level.

    After thoughts

    If you have any questions feel free to ask here in a reply or ask in social ingame.

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