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    The Guide to Puretraining



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    The Guide to Puretraining

    Post  Higashi_Reborn on Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:34 pm


    What is Puretraining?

    Puretraining is when you just train and dont attack any player or Random Fella before you reach your goal.

    This is another choice of playing the game, there is also levelholding and there are killing and training, but dont do this.

    Why Puretrain?

    Well it is a good choice, since you will be strong for your level and it is better than killing and training since you then will gain loads of exp and level up fast but your stats will fall behind.

    If you are interested in levelholding, there is another guide.

    How to Puretrain

    First make yourself a goal, how high will you have your generals and bankai/ressurection.

    Then set Flee at 100% and start out with training speed and so on to intel then you would want strenght and sword skill/devour human.
    You will "hold" at lvl 9 and 19.
    But this is diffrent from levelholding, since you wont stay for long and you wont fight, you will just stay till you reach training cap, level 9 = 151 and level 19 = 431.

    So at level 9 wait with claiming Shikai/Devour Hollow still you have "capped" all generals and swordskill/devour human
    then you claim and move on to level 19 and do the same, but no point training shikai/devour hollow more than till 150 since you wont be using it when you gain bankai/ressurection.

    So when all generals and swordskill/devour human is at 431 and shikai/devour hollow is at 150 you will claim bankai/ressurection.

    Now you will then keep training generals and banka/ressurection and maybe even swordskill/devour human till you reach your goal.
    The longer you keep on training the stronger you will be for your level.

    But at one point you will have to start killing for exp, this should be around level 55 or something like that.

    Then you will traincap all your stats before you gain enough experiance to level up, then you should kill till you gain enough for leveling up and start training again.


    How to find training cap: max reiatsu for your level minus 29.

    Bankai and Ressurection abilitys

    Good abilitys for Bankai and Ressurection for Puretraining.

    Regen is the best, the more regen the faster you can train.
    Regen back is also good to have but since you wont be fighting this wont really matter.
    And thats about it, but it does not really matter what you get since when you reach your goal you will start killing and then you would want abilitys that is for fighting.

    After thoughts

    As a Levelholder at level 9, this is not my kind of boat but I have been around a long time and seen how Puretrainers evolve and develop through my time so I know tha basic's and that is pretty much it, but if any real puretrainers wanna put something in leave a reply and I will Edit it in.

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