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    Basics - How to Get Started on BRPG!


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    Basics - How to Get Started on BRPG!

    Post  Snow on Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:43 am


    To create an account for your RPG character, click the race that you wish to become apart of. There are only 2 races in the game, Shinigami and Hollow.

    As of right now, you can only specify your character's name. Please note that once you sign up, your username and desired race is permanent and cannot be changed unless the account is deleted. Your registration email is used for activation of the account, retrieval of the preset password, and password recovery, so make sure you don’t lose it!

    Note: If you have a Yahoo or AIM account, you might not receive the email. Please create a hotmail or gmail account and try again. (The old account will expire soon.) Always remember this account. It can't be changed and is the only way to get your password if you lose it.

    Once you’re done creating your character, press submit, and an activation link will be sent to your registration email. Use the link to activate your character. You are now ready to play!


    Character Status
    Level: Your level and rank lets you know how far you've gone. As you rank up, most features will be unlocked
    Race: Your selected race.
    Banked: Informs you of how much yen you currently have on you.
    Squad/Commander: The number represents what squad/espada you are assigned to.
    Experience: your experience points, which are gained through training and battle.
    Exp Needed: how much experience you need to advance to the next level or rank.
    Referrals: This number represents how many users you have referred to the game that have reached the referral requirements

    General Info
    Name: your character name.
    Gender: your character gender.
    Email: your registration email.

    Character Activity
    Your battle statistics.

    Health: your character’s life points.
    Reiatsu: used for training and fighting.
    Regeneration rate: how fast you recover health and reiatsu.

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