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    Basics - Frequiently Asked Questions (FAQS)


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    Basics - Frequiently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    Post  Snow on Sun Nov 06, 2011 2:53 am


    Stats, Battles, and You

    1. How should I train?
    To start off, it's best to train your main stats (Strength, Intelligence, and Speed

    2. Why is regen so important?
    Regen fills your pools faster, and therefore helps you train faster!

    3. How can I get my experience up quickly?
    Attacking enemy users or Random Fella for 75 Experience

    4. What do Strength, Intelligence, and Speed do?
    Read the Stat Explanations section in this very manual!

    5. What is “raid”?
    A raid is when a group of people go and kill a massive number of enemy users

    6. When can I start raiding?
    Level 1

    7. How do the stat caps work?
    Technically, there are no stat caps. You reach a point to where you cannot train anymore, and this is referred to as your “Stat Cap”

    8. How do I gain Experience?
    You gain experience from training and killing users. Training yields 50 experience, while battles yield 75 experience. Note: Easy battles do not give out experience.

    9. Is it true I gain stats from killing opponents?
    Yes, it is true. You gain .25 in a random stat from killing a member of the opposite race and Random Fella. Note: Easy battles do not give out stats.

    10. What are race points? How do I gain them?
    Race Points are points that only your leader can see, used mainly for buying regeneration. Race Points are gained from killing a member of the opposite race, and 1000 race points are usually given when killing an event character. Random Fellas do not give out Race points, nor do they decrease them.

    Special Titles and Ranks

    1. What do Leaders get that's special?
    Leaders gain the rank “Leader”, and are able to manage your Race's Points that can be used for Regeneration, and editing the Leader Orders.

    2. How can I become Leader?
    You must beat the current Leader, or the Leader AI. (Yamamoto is the AI for the Shinigami, Aizen for the Hollows)

    3. What do Captains/Espada get that's so special?
    You will receive the Captain/Espada rank with the number of the group next to it. The only option available right now is editing the Orders of the group

    4. How can I become a Captain?
    You must either claim the Leadership of the group, or you must defeat the current leader of the group. You must be Level 20 to do both.

    Game Mechanics

    1. Can I give away my account when: I quit/don´t need it?
    No, account sharing (and giving away) is bannable and will most likely result in that account’s deletion.


    1. Where do I download this game?
    It's a browser based game, so there is no need to download anything.

    2. What do I need to get an avatar?
    You can upload an avatar via the Preferences menu. The picture must be equal to or less than 100×100 pixels and 25kb. To increase the maximum dimensions of your avatar to 150×150 pixels and 100kb, you must become a staff member. The only file type currently accepted is .gif. As to preserve your picture's color, we recommend that you save the file as a .png or .jpg, and then manually change the file extension.

    In order to do this you will have to go to My Computer → Tools → Folder Options → Hide/Unhide Known File Extensions. After you unhide known file extensions, you should be able to change extensions when renaming files.

    3.How do I get a nindo?
    There is no “nindo” in Bleach. We may be in the process of getting something similure though.

    4. Can I send yen?
    Sending yen is not available at the moment. It's being looked into.

    5. How do I take a Screen Shot?
    Hold down the Control key (“Ctrl” on some keyboards) and press Print Screen (“PrntScn/SysRq” on some keyboards). Now open a program such as Microsoft Paint and click Paste. Many computers do not require the holding down of the Control key.

    6. What is this “Mass Heal” everyone talks about?
    The Mass Heal is every 30 minutes, and all it does is reset everyone's HP back to it's full capacity.

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