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    Some suggestions


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    Some suggestions

    Post  DarkSide on Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:39 pm

    First of all, i am sorry about my english.
    My gramer is not so good and i have a problem with spelling.

    In my opnion this game have a lot of potantial.
    It is the best web game of bleach i saw.

    i have some suggestions that maybe help in the game.

    1. right now there are to methoods in the game that both of them is pratty much training.
    this is nice, but the training is taking a lot of time what makes new pepole leave te game soon.
    web games are games you uselly play 15-20 minuets a day.
    And in the start you need somthing like 30-40 hours to get to lvl 9 whan you get you shiki.
    In many games there are methoods of turns or time to play so whan the turns are dont you need to wait so they refill and the webgame gives you 2 options to get turns if you cant wait first is to get it from getting in popups that advertise the web site, secend is by paypal or phone for money.

    2. The secend problom with the training is that all the players are playing to train for no porpuse.
    you can make a great battle with hollows or missions that players can go alone or with calns/parties so they earn xp, grow stat and even meybe reaspect?
    And earn reawards like a ichigo badge.

    3. meaning of captin - you can give him athurty and make his influnce bigger.
    Like: help the newbeis, help with training and a lot more.4

    4. The item shop i very little you can expend it like 4-5 sets.

    5. Main story - like Gin story, Ichigos, Rukia, Kanpachi and more stories for the charcther, it is the next great shingami.

    6. maybe an option to start as a visard and subsitute shinigami.

    7. I played a game called gindis, it is a game of armies whan every one choose a clan and pepole joining togther and have wars and sand spyies from army to army, this can work here i well.

    About missions: you can do soul sociaty missions that not only gives you xp and stat but also credit.

    Few more ideas:
    To pass academy you will need to have minimum stat and minimum kiddo.
    Adding kiddo.

    Battels by turns, if the other user is offline so auto fighting for him and the other will choose how to fight and with what.

    If you die in a battle you need to pay for HP or wait 20 minutes-1hour.

    Healers, brute fighters, long distans, elements, super tacticans - as a main ability.

    More items that pepole can get in fights or in missions so they can trade for money or items.

    Clan/Squad chat.

    Zanpaktu - let pepole decide from all zanpaktu from bleach and all bankai as well.
    If you take this seiruslly i can bring ideas for new zanpaktu and bankai but pepole can choose:
    elements(rukia)/brute force(the wolf i forgot his name)/weapons(ikkku)/kiddo(bayukya)/maind control(aizen) - the names are only exampels every option will have 5-99 options and it will be random and the user will choose the name.

    And thats it, i hope it is deataild.
    If I will think of more suggestions i will write.
    Thank you, and good day.

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