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    List of prizes


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    List of prizes

    Post  Lightning on Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:02 pm

    Hi sunshines, Lightning here ~ <3

    This is the list of prizes that will be given away on our events. I'm aware of the surveys issues and all. That's why events are a good option to give away some shards, so everyone has a chance to win some ^^

    Prizes for weekly/15 in 15 days events (the quiz/puzzle/riddle ones ONLY):
    1st place - 25 shards
    2nd place - 20 shards
    3rd place - 15 shards
    4th place - 10 shards
    5th place - 5 shards

    Prizes for major events (Christmas, Easter, New Year, etc):
    1st place - 50 shards, 1000 race points
    2nd place - 25 shards, 500 race points
    3rd place - 15 shards, 250 race points
    4th place - 10 shards, 125 race points
    5th place - 5 shards, 63 race points

    I must remind you all that AI events have their own give away prizes, like items and some race points. I may add the list of prizes for major event AIs if needed ^^


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