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    Just a little something Empty Just a little something

    Post  Kisa on Fri May 04, 2012 9:48 am

    I wrote this up a while ago. It was just an atm draft I found lying around when I was going through my flash drive. xD

    Blood. The scent of blood, and the sight of fire. Those were the first things she saw as she opened her eyes. Panic and fear reverberated through the atmosphere, sending wave upon wave of terror through her body. Screams of horror, a never ending euphoria for the evil beings that plagued the world, were an overbearing and inconceivable reality, unfolding before her very eyes. Strange objects constructed from stones and tree pieces were scattered near her clawed feet, and torn and burnt bodies of humans littered the ground. She could hear it all: screaming, crying, roaring, the sickly sound of bones crunching, and of scales being ripped from the corpses of her kin and stuffed into deerskin sacks. It was truly a vision of hell on Earth.
    Fire danced across her field of vision as she surveyed the inferno she has awoken to. Her silver-white scales reflected the pale light of the fire. Her eyes focused on a particular scene, where her brother, a half grown hatchling with barely enough mass to be called a true dragon, lay dead. Two male humans were savagely ripping scale after scale off his body, stuffing their bloody spoil into the sack, cackling like vultures upon a feast. The sight enraged her. With a swift and powerful move, she sprinted out of her home, a deep cave in the side of a mountain. Taking to the sky, she focused on the disgusting humans who she had seen tearing apart her brother’s body, now escaping into a forest, going unnoticed by their comrades who were fighting, murdering, the rest of her kin. The very moment she had locked her vision onto her targets, she took a deep breath that stung with the scent of the blood of her kind, and set a blazing stream of fire breath towards the fleeing humans. It burnt them to a crisp, leaving nothing but ashes, and she circled back, gently landing near the corpse of her young baby brother, gently nudging him as if to wake him from a mid-day sleep. His body was cold, bleeding and scarred, nothing more but a mangled corpse.

    Meh. Upon rereading I don't think is so good. I might go back and revise this later. Any thoughts, anyone?
    btw first time I've creaed a sub-topic here.Hope this is acceptable. xD

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    Just a little something Empty Re: Just a little something

    Post  Crown on Mon May 07, 2012 12:21 pm

    "(...)and of scales being ripped from the corpses of her kin and stuffed into deerskin sacks."

    I'm not sure if you can actually hear people ripping off skin of corpses and then putting said skin into a deerskin sack.
    Other than that I think it's good. You've done well.

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